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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Needles Down - Closing Ceremonies of the Knitting Olympics

I did it -- I set myself a goal to actually finish knitting a big project and I did!  Even though I was wonderfully distracted by the US/Canada Hockey Game, I finished the last square with Neil Young singing at the Closing Ceremonies.  Digression:  who else could have filled that stage with just a guitar, harmonica and himself -- Neil Young: long may he run.
All 12-inch squares are completed for the afghan.....
 amatuer photography at it's worst
It feels great to have completed this goal!  The patterns in the Leisure Arts pattern book for this afghan were very clear and I gained some skill in several new stitches.  What I couldn't get from the book, I got from Youtube.  Dontcha just love the youtubes?  I used two videos to learn to cable -- being left-handed it's easier for me to learn from watching a screen -- one a professionally done tutorial from Leisure Arts.  Well-lit, camera on a tripod, easy to see and hear.  The other is from Kate McFaul, it's completely DIY.  The camera work made me a little seasick, the lighting isn't great and her kid is yammering in the background, it's a hoot and she gets right to it and has great practical tips.

Now I just have to get the squares all crocheted together by August....no problem, right?  Stay tuned.


  1. Bravo! I'm a newbie knitter and I have a new appreciation for such projects. :)

  2. Thanks Wombat -- it's a great project for beginners because it teaches you all these great stitches that you can use for hats, scarves etc. I'm almost ready to tackle my sleeve aversion and knit a simple sweater!