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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Official - Gruyere is the Big Cheese!

The Swiss cheese, Gruyere, was named the 2010 World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, Wisconsin.  Congrats to the Gruyere.  Best known as a component in the classic fondue, the hard, nutty-flavored cheese is excellent shaved over steamed vegetables or roast potatoes.

Tonight, I will be enjoying a wedge from Andrew's Cheese shop with a crispy sparkling wine, like the Brut Rosé Cuvée de la Pompadou from Domaine Carneros.  Pinot Noir is the dominant grape, which stands up nicely to the sharp bite of the Gruyere.

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  1. Wow--who knew there was even a cheese championship? I shall have cheese today to commemorate the festive event.