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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tree Sweaters & Gloves With No Fingers

I stumbled onto this blog through the always fun to read Postcards from Oblivion, following a posting about the mystery "Midnight Knitter of New Jersey".  It seems someone is dressing the trees and poles of Cape May, New Jersey, with sweaters.  I'm a sucker for guerrilla art and an even bigger sucker for tiny sweaters.  It seems to be the project of Salty Knits - "knitters that got sick of knitting kitten mittens", ok then. 

The tree sweaters actually look more like fingerless gloves, which I also found on Knit & Kidoodles, the cutest fingerless gloves and thought they would be perfect for fall and winter Farmer's Market shopping.  If I get started now in the Spring they should be ready by October.....maybe.

It's a Knitty.com pattern and will be really yummy in a cashmere/merino wool blend.  They say you can buy the yarn on Friday and wear them on Monday......for me:  Friday in March, Monday in October!

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