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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Afghan Offensive

Knitting Olympics 2010 – Going to give it another shot this time.  I’ve started to work on a ‘personal best’ to finish the afghan that my son will take to college with him next fall.  I’ve been starting and stopping this afghan for more than two years.  The last time I stopped, I secretly hoped that if I didn’t finish it he wouldn’t leave and go away….but alas it’s too late he's already been accepted to a couple of schools, and truly I want him to go off to college, afghan or not. 

It’s made up of 12-inch squares of different designs and really provides a true ‘sampler’ experience.  I have gotten very comfortable with cabling and learned many new stitches.  It’s an old book that my mom has been using since 1998 to make wedding gifts for family members. 

The opening ceremonies were nice, and not too over the top.  This turned out to be appropriate after the death of the Georgian athlete.  I puddled up after the Proctor & Gamble commercial “To Their Moms, They Will Always Be Kids” – for my own young man that will always be my little boy and especially for Nodar Kumaritashvili’s parents.

I love k.d. lang, she’s been a fave for many years – I got so into her singing that I missed the row of cable stitches and when I finally realized what I’d done I had to rip out three rows.  Yesterday, she was on NPR talking about her singing, her voice and how her working mom used to pile her and her three siblings into the car every Thursday after work and drive 120 miles roundtrip and sit for each one to have a 30-minute singing lesson, she did this for 20 years.

So for the next 15 days, I’ll be on my own afghan offensive coming to terms with finishing a large project…..not just the afghan but my son too.

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