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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

meet the neighbors

I thought since I'm new to the blog neighborhood, I'd get out and meet some of the neighbors. When I'm not minding mine, I am minding someone else's beeswax!

And let me say, to my new neighbors: I'm sorry if you land on my blog expecting apiarian advice, candle-making or even the latest statistics on the average lipstick-wearing woman's yearly wax consumption (ok, well maybe that one).

So I clicked on "Next Blog" to say hey. I have some very interesting neighbors: a music site: last.fm (interesting, though I will have to have teenboy explain it to me), a guy who collects trees that look like penises (no explanation necessary), several single moms and newish moms (where do they find the time! wtg gals!), and a few of those people you usually see talking to mailboxes (just keep walking).

I guess in the blogosphere there's no way to close the curtains: if I don't like it, I don't have to look.

What fascinates me is the number of people who have been fired from their job because of their postings on personal blogs. Of course, there is 'Dooce" Heather Armstrong, the most famous, to me she's the 'blogging Cinderella'. I liked the stories of 'Sky Queen' (fired flight attendant), Jessica (from Washington, can't help thinking she might not have been fired if she was a guy....puhleez it's Washington!), and Micheal who got fired from Microsoft after posting pics he'd taken of Macs in their offices. There's a ton of them out there! Miz Beeswax wishes them all well, and hopefully when I get a 'real job' I will have learned not to blog about what I'm not supposed to be doing. Oh, like I'm sure -- doing what I wasn't supposed to on the job is how I got Mr. Beeswax, but that's another story.


  1. Hey-
    Thanks for visiting me over at my new blog, http://www.issasworld.typepad.com. And thanks for the biting help. I am against the theory of doing something to a child because they did it, ie. biting, spanking for hitting. However, in a few days when I don't have to look a this big mark on my baby's arm, I will try talking to the boys mother. Melissa

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