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Friday, February 10, 2006

knitting olympics - day one

Today I got everything ready for the next 16-day flurry of knitting. I will begin with a pair of legwarmers for Kitten, who's 11 going on 17. I will be using Joelle Hoverson's pattern from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". It's a great book with fun goodies, it's broken down by what she gauges to be the length of time it takes to make the item. The "Super East Leg Warmers" are in the two-to-four-hour gifts chapter...oh I am so sure. You would have to knit like a fiend UNinterrupted to get two legwarmers done in 2 to 4 hours.

Uninterrupted knitting only happens after 1:00am at my house! Otherwise it's start/stop - find someone's head they forgot to screw on, start/stop - get in the car (and then there's DUK, driving while knitting -- oh, likeyouneverdidit!). Like just now: I'm minding my beeswax, cell phone rings it's Teenboy..."Mom are you on your way to the jam, can you pick up the guy's stuff at their houses?" Translation: "Mom, you aren't doing anything important, drop whatever it is, and do this for my friends. I know we said we don't like you and the other moms in our beeswax, but hanging out and consuming our body weight in candy is far more important than whatever you are doing, so could you go into their houses pack up the guitars, unplug the amps, load them into your car and drive them to us?" Do I need to be the master schlepper? It seems 'the guys' are being raised-by-wolves, wolves who don't drive.
I say no, one minute later, cell phone again: "Mom, uh hang on....." 73 seconds of dead air "Mom?" me: "Yeah" Teenboy: "Mom when are you coming?".......................... Why was I so thrilled when he learned to speak?

Back to the legwarmers: I'm using a yummy soft navy acrylic/nylon and mixing with either a combo mohair that's red or another dark blue. It's a simple knit/purl on 12-inch circular needles. I think I should have them done by the end of this weekend (maybe by then I will have figured the linking thing out). Kitten has a sports tournament all weekend .... and well, there's only so many games you can watch in one sitting. "If she sits, she must knit"

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